About us

It is a proven fact and common knowledge by now, that the traditional Greek diet -based on olive oil and olives, fruit, vegetables, grains, legumes, and herbs- ranks among the healthiest in the world. We are proud to say that this is our livelihood, and we just love it.

Who are we? Well, we are a family of dedicated growers, now already in the 3rd generation – and going passionately strong. Our groves can be found in the renowned Arcadia region in Peloponnese, a region rife with historicity.

From the time of the Mycenae civilization, to classical ancient Greece, to Roman times – when the Greco-Roman aristocrat Herodes Atticus made this place his home- and to recent times when the region became a hub of monastic activity, the glorious past resonates in every step.

In this region, the blessed olive tree has been generously sharing its precious gifts for millennia. This is indeed the heartland of high quality Greek Olive and Olive Oil production, and has been recognized as such for ages.

An exceptional geography, a unique climate, and the toil of countless generations of growers like us, have come together in harmony to give rise to Olive varieties that can be found nowhere else in the world.

Some of them, have been by and large unknown outside a small circle of connoisseurs in Greece, something we frankly believe is a huge pity, and we are out on a mission to change for good. The most prominent example is the so-called ‘Queen’ olive, one of the biggest Greek cultivars with a unique flavor profile that is indeed a cut above.

Our facilities are just a stone’s throw away from our groves, making sure that absolutely nothing is lost in the way. From our base in Arcadia, we go at great lengths to select the very finest this land has to offer. And words cannot quite do justice to the result – honestly, it has to be experienced. Bursting with vibrant aromas, rare flavors and rich nutrients, our Olives and Olive oil are a gift to the senses but also to one’s health.

Eaten or their own or as part of a favorite recipe, they are in position to transform every moment into something worth talking about. Please, go ahead and try. After all, our name was inspired by the typical reaction of those who try our Olives and Olive Oil. Lost for words, we usually get something along the lines of ‘Wow, this is just great!’.

Just Great – So Tasty, So Greek.