Traditional Olive Products

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Extra Virgin Olive Products

Traditional Olive Products



A blessed Land
We come from Arcadia, a region in the center of Peloponnese full of historicity. For millennia, this Land has been renowned as the heartland of the Olive Tree cultivation. This Land has shaped who we are and what we do.


the rare Gifts of our Land
A unique combination of geography, climate and human toil over centuries, has brought to life Olive varieties that are to be found nowhere else. We wanted to share these rare gifts with the rest of the World. This is our mission.


for the perfect experience
We simply love what we do, and our passion shows – in fact, you can actually taste it. Bursting with vibrant aromas, rare flavors and rich nutrients, our Olives and Olive oil are a unique delight to one’s senses.

Just Great – So Tasty, So Greek...